Sisis Supaturfman

Independently powered, heavy duty aerator for bowling greens, tennis courts, cricket squares etc.

  • 100mm depth with minimal surface disturbance.
  • Working depth of 10cm (4 ins) max.
  • Choice of interchangeable tines.
  • Pivoted tine bar for vertical penetration and withdrawal without surface disturbance.
  • 6.5hp engine.
  • Will also operate on spiker-slitter.

We have three different tines available.

Rounded Pointed Tines – Summer

Helps moisture and air to get to the grass roots during the growing season. Particualarly useful for very hard conditions.

Jumbo tines 

This larger bore tines provides two functions in combating some of gthe problems associated with fine turf. Firstly the larger hole produced allows more effective use of top dressings. Secondly when used at a controlled shallow depth they remove a good sized ‘plug’ of thatch.

Sisis Supaturfman plant hire Royston UK
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days Weekly
£40 + Vat £54+ Vat £62 + Vat £85 + Vat
£48 inc £64.80 inc £74.40 inc £102 inc

Please enquire within or call us on 01763 268471 or 07917100662 for availability.