Leaf Vacuum


Powered by a reliable Honda engine, this model will make light work of collecting fallen leaves and litter.  Tin cans and bottles are no match for the MV650SPH and are easily collected via the adjustable 29” (74cm) gobbler door.

The large six-bladed impeller ensures maximum suction and the vacuuming height is adjustable allowing you to vary the suction level according to the conditions.  The impeller is made from metal to ensure maximum debris volume reduction as the collected material passes through to the bag.

The large impeller creates so much suction that this model can be used on a low throttle setting most of the time with full throttle only being required to collect stubborn leaves and debris.  The low noise characteristics of the MV650SPH make it suitable for use in areas where noise must be kept to a minimum and give the added benefit of fuel efficiency.

Leaves and litter are collected into a mesh sided zip-less top-loading collection bag. The bag is easily removed from the machine for emptying.

Featuring a 3-speed drive system, the Billy Goat MV650SPH is simple to use and, with its large wheels, is easy to manoeuvre.


1 Day 2 Days 3 Days Weekly
£40 + Vat £48 + Vat £56 + Vat £63 + Vat
£48 inc £57.60 inc £67.20 inc £75.60 inc


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